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Embrace the magic of the most wonderful wizarding world to ever be created!


While this may not be as hefty as one of the Harry Potter books, it is 30+ pages of crafts, activities, and recipes inspired by some of the most iconic parts of the Potter books/movies. PLUS: the special Bertie Botts Beans Bonus pages will apparate you to Hogsmeade to uncover hidden passageways, connections, and "dragon egg" surprises that you didn't know existed. 


Fun for all ages, all magical abilities, and all Potter fans big and small. Expertly brewed to create Weasley-level fireworks without draining your vault at Gringotts. 


Wizarding World Activity Workbook

  • This Wizarding World Activity Workbook includes magical fun, recipes, and activities that can be tackled solo or together with the whole family (suitable for all ages!). This is the perfect workbook to help create Spring Break fun without breaking the bank or your patience (the parenting version of The Deathly Hallows) 


    Use this by itself any time or apparate over to and join the Magical Mileage & Mindset Challenge for extra spellbinding fun! 


    The workbook will be sent via email on 2/26 to coincide with the March Challenge referenced above. 

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