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What Do I Do Exactly? Mom. Life. and All the Other Schmidt

There is a reason I call myself a "mom mechanic" and no I am not a car enthusiast--all my car knowledge has come from the last courtroom scene of My Cousin Vinny. Moms already have enough on our plates, we don't have time for a full engine rebuild or those insane challenges where you go hard (and be miserable) for 75 days. We don't need MORE on our plates, we need help managing all the things that are already there.

Burnout is a real thing for all moms and it doesn't matter if you work from home, stay at home, or work outside the home, it's all HARD.

I have been guilty of saying "When things slow down", "It won't help", and not prioritizing myself. We put all our energy into our families, jobs, kids, and extras, and the thought of putting energy into ourselves sounds exhausting.

That's where I come in.

I design plans and actionable items that fit with your life to help you gain your footing, build confidence, and drive your day-to-day into what you want/need. I take the guesswork out of "What should I do?" and "How do I do it?" by listening, tweaking, and helping you be empowered to be and live how you want.

What kind of things do I help with? I'm glad you asked!

While I could be super vague and say EVERYTHING MOM LIFE, I know that is about as helpful as when our spouses or partners tell us "I'm good with whatever for dinner" so I won't leave you hanging like that. Here are just some of the things that I help moms with:

  • Troubleshooting how to find the micro-moments of "me time" and make the most of them. Without pulling out your hair!

  • Practicing and building up your very own mom mental health tool kit to use not just in the good times but when you feel like there is a tiny tornado swirling

  • Giving movement/exercise plans schedules and guidance to feel your best.

  • Helping to reinvigorate your dreams and goals and find ways to not feel like you are having to choose between being a mom and chasing what you want.

  • Embrace being involved and plugged in with your kiddo with low-stress, low-cost, and low-energy ready-to-go activities that you don't have to come up with

  • Working on pulling back the labels that we give ourselves to be the mom we want to be and not stress about "not being creative" or "not being great at imaginary play"

Most of all, I want to help moms feel less stressed, happier, calmer, and like they are living fully, not just surviving.

That's not a tagline, empty words, or something to sell you. That truly is my driving goal every day. I've been that burnt-out, anxiety-ridden, short-tempered mom feeling like I was failing in all things. I want to help others feel the weight lifted off their shoulders so they can take a deep breath too.

Interested in working together? Schedule a complimentary call to talk about how we can make mom life more manageable for you!

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