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Engaging Non-Screen Activity for Kids: Minimize Boredom, Maximize Fun

I am in no way shaming screen time or giving a phone or tablet to keep the kids from driving us insane when we are trying to survive, grocery shop, or have the audacity to want to use the bathroom by ourselves. I am grateful for screens and use them. However, I do try to cultivate new activities to keep the tantrums low and my sanity in tact. So Google no further: I have you answer for Engaging Non-Screen Activity for Kids: Minimize Boredom, Maximize Fun.

We LOVE bingo cards---it's a fun way to engage with them, have them learn to be aware of their surroundings, and is built in entertainment when you are running errands, at a siblings sporting event, or just anywhere anytime.

The pros to breaking out a bingo card beyond the obvious?

  • It teaches kids to look around them and be around of their surroundings which in turn can lead to hightened awareness later since they are used to seeing more than just what is in their immediate visual area (always looking for non-scary ways to teach safety!).

  • For younger kids learning colors, animals, shapes, etc. it is a low stress way for them to practice the new skills in a low stress environment.

  • By allowing them to have their own cards and give them a mission they stoke the ability to entertain themselves or communicate with a sibling to work towards a common goal.

BONUS: Once they complete the bingo card, maybe take them for ice cream, let them pick out a toy at the dollar store, or something that fits their wants/likes so help instill working towards something and following direction!

I've pulled together a few different options that can be printed and handed out or used for you to draw inspiration from to create your own!

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