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Mother's Day Gifts Moms Actually Want

When I put out the question on my Instagram for what moms want for Mother's Day I was excited to see so many jump in on the fun. There was a fair mix of practical gifts, fun ideas, as well as a few answers that we blatantly honest which I love. To be fair to different tastes I am including gifts that can be bought as well as some that are more thoughtful and practical---let's normalize telling others what Mother's Day Gifts moms actually want!

“Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials.” ~Meryl Streep

Things to Buy:

Fahlo: These are some of my favorite gifts to give to people. Each bracelet sold helps raise funds and awareness to protect some of the most awesome creatures around. You can choose from 10 different animals and countless color combos to fit whatever style you want. Extra cool bonus? Each bracelet comes with its own QR code card with tracking information on the specific animal you chose so you can learn about them, where they live, and where they travel throughout their lifetime!

Shower Melts: I don't have a bath in my house and never have been a fan of the idea of sitting in dirty water so these are a great alternative to the standard bath bombs. Enhance your shower time (without interruptions) with a spa-like atmosphere to melt away stress and re-invigorate your soul. Once placed in the shower and dampened, the steamer will release the fragrance into the area to create an aromatherapy oasis that takes a daily task from mundan to dayuummmmmm. I've had the melts last anywhere from 3 to 4 showers depending on how much water contact they have so definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

Birth Flowers: This is a new trend that I can totally get behind. For those moms who want to share their kiddo pride subtly and forgo the birthstone jewelry, a birth month flower keepsake is a great twist on tradition. Ranging from necklaces, pictures, or dried flower keepsakes you can add multiple flowers for kids, grandkids, and more!

Reusable Water Bottles: Personally, I never can have enough reusable water bottles. There are so many brands from Stanley, Hydro Flask, Yeti, and the list goes on and on. A few brands that you may not have heard of that also should get honorable mentions are Swig, S'well, and W&P Porter.

While none of us will turn down help on the actual day, most of us just want a break from the load that we carry the other 364 days of the year. These suggestions for "Things to Do" came from countless suggestions all saying the same thing----We want a break!

Things to Do:

Solo Activity: While we are made to feel like we have to spend Mother's Day with our family and the humans that made us a mom, the overwhelming majority that submitted their answers want a day to themselves. Some suggestions that were thrown out were a painting class, a massage, a yoga class membership, or an aimless day to walk around the mall, store, etc. Quiet activities seemed to win out but there was someone who submitted that they wanted to go to a concert (at a later date) which I thought was a great out-of-the-box idea and I definitely wouldn't say no to some "The Eras Tour" tickets.....

A "No Decision" Day: You've probably heard of a "Yes Day" where parents say yes to everything the kids want but many moms said they want a day where they make no decisions. They don't want to figure out what to do, they don't want to think about dinner, how to make things work, if the window should be open or closed, they basically want to hand over the mental load no questions asked. It's both a beautiful and simple way to highlight how many decisions go into one single day without us having to say a word---I mean come on that's the DREAM!

Clean House/Improvements: I'm gonna set the bar pretty low and go out on a limb that most of us would even settle for our family to use the damn laundry baskets instead of the floor so we don't have to pick it all up. Just me? This doesn't mean that you have to hire a cleaning service or even do a deep clean. This could be picking up the laundry, finally finishing a house project, or helping to plant the garden we've talked about for 5 years.

Home Alone: This isn't a throwback movie reference, I'm talking about everyone else getting out of the house other than mom. We don't care where you go or what you do, we just want everyone out of the house. Being able to go to the bathroom in peace, sit on the couch with our fave snacks while watching a movie, and be able to enjoy the space without being interrupted. I LOVE a day home by myself which very rarely happens so when it does I get so excited at the possibilities.

Bottom Line: moms just want to be seen, cared for, and to know that all of our efforts are appreciated. Life is hard, mom life is extra hard, and we want that to be acknowledged beyond the Hallmark Card.

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