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Funny Things Our Kids Say

Updated: Feb 29

Thought that this would be a fun way to remind us all that every mom has "THOSE days". The days that we are working so hard to everything right and yet, nothing is right for the tiny humans. Sometimes all we can do is just laugh at the randomness and simplicity of what we do that ultimately creates a meltdown only comparable to a nuclear explosion. Likewise, there are those things that come out of their mouths because we can't make this "Schmidt" up. I hope you enjoy the funny things our kids say....

Two children, one boy and one girl, smiling at the camera.

These are real things that have either happened to me, moms I know, or that were shared with me by strangers:

  • At bedtime, just before settling in my kid said to me "My nose hurts from the fire drill we had today" (Like WTF?!? I have questions)

  • Kid asks for gummy bears, I give the gummy bears, kid proceeds to tell me that they don't like the way the bag was opened.

  • Got home from school and asked them to bring their backpacks in. They said they were too tired, went inside, grabbed water, took a sip while plopping on the couch, and said "Now this is what I needed" Pretty sure they aren't going to be able to handle adulthood

  • Wrote down a party on our calendar. Saw it every day for two weeks and then promptly forgot all about it until the day of the party....after it was already over. #momwin

  • Volunteered at my child's school thinking it was going to be super fun and it start. About halfway through one of the classmates asked me who I was. Said that I was xxx's mom. The kid took a second, digested the answer, and then proudly said "Oh, I thought you were someone's grandma". Mind you I'm in my 30's....

The one that brought me a lot of joy?

The whining and yelling were getting out of hand. I tried keeping my cool and then yelled "You are acting like a child!" only to bust out laughing because they are a child. Super sobering moment and had to share.

Whatever type of day/week you are having, please remember that you are a great mom and none of us have it ALL together.

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