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Fun and Easy Summer Activities for Kids to Beat Boredom

It's getting hot in here, so take off all your stress and take a big deep breath. (Not as catchy as Getting Hot in Herre but it is more kid-friendly!

When we are a kid, summer is the most exciting time of the year. No school, no schedules, and lax bedtimes. However, when we became parents it wasn't the same carefree time we once revered. Between summer camps, planning the vacations, and trying to keep some resemblance of structure it can feel like we are bracing for impact and tantrums galore.

I saw a post recently that said it was ok for your kids to be bored, it was ok for them to have more screen time, and it was ok that you didn’t plan big vacations. This is more of what we need to normalize. Not everyone has the means or capacity to make week-long vacations, go to Disney, or put the kiddos in camp after camp. 

In the spirit of not overcomplicating the few months of school free time, let's focus on making memories, having fun, and embracing the kid-like spirit versus creating the Instagram-perfect picture with fun and easy summer activities for kids to beat boredom.

Day Trips: It can be really hard to justify spending money on a hotel room and equally overwhelming to have to pack up all of the things you need for one night away. Most of the time kids are happy with any adventure and us adults are the ones that make it pressure-filled to make it BIG. Day trips can give you a change of scenery and cheaper options than big getaways. What is available will obviously depend on where you are geographically but take a second to see what kid museums, zoos, aquariums, etc are around. 

Crayola Experience (4 locations): If you have a crafty kid, this is a must! From creating their own crayon to interactive shows they get a chance to live in full color. The best part? YOU DON’T HAVE TO CLEAN UP!!! Looking to get creative but can’t make a trip? Check out for some fun ideas and free printable pages! 

Chuck-E-Cheese: For less than $30 for unlimited play for 60 min I can justify going for a break from the heat and not having to take out a small loan to go to a regular arcade. Looking to save some $$? Check for coupons on their website and skip the food. We go to just play and then either eat at home, pack lunch for the drive, or treat our tiny human to a $6 Happy Meal they will actually eat vs questionable pizza that they will declare has too much sauce. 

Movie Mania: Plenty of theaters have $5 movies or summer specials going on for films that have already been in theaters before—search your local theater or Fandango to see whats available. 

Lego Discovery Center (10+ locations): Lego is great for all ages and a place where you can let them create freely! With rides, meet & greets, and endless possibilities it’s a great way to spend the day with no rules! Don’t have one near you? Check out and become a lego Insider for fun activities you can print at home and building instructions to give inspiration!

Cozy Camping: NOOO I am not talking about outdoor camping (NOT my jam) I’m talking about roughing it by pitching a tent in the living room! Move the couch and coffee table, lay down some blankets or air mattress, pop up the tent and BAM—-instant fun. We will pop some popcorn, throw a pizza in the oven, and turn on a movie to make an ordinary night special. Sometimes we will sleep in the tent and sometimes we will go to our comfy bed but it’s an experience that is fun and bug-bite-free. 

Looking for some extra help to sail through the summer?

Check back next week for more sanity-saving tips!

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