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"Embracing the Journey: How to Overcome the Stigma of Being a Beginner Again"

A little more personal piece this week that I wrote for my 1:1 clients in their weekly notes a few weeks ago that I'm hoping will resonate with you all as well!

I've shared before that I love doing yoga. I started pre-kid by going once a week since at the time I was working in an office and due to the stress level and nature of the work, I could barely make the class times. Without fail, something always popped up at 5 pm that needed to be done NOW, and before I knew it the clock was saying 7 pm before I was leaving the office. I went to exactly 1 pregnant yoga class and then didn't go back more than 2-3 times after I gave birth. I did some at home but hadn't gone to a formal class in a LONG time.

How long you may ask? 5+ years....Part of it was making a specific time fit was hard with a new tiny human depending on me for life. If I'm being honest though a big part of it was that I was intimidated to go back.

I knew that my flexibility, body, and stamina all had changed and I was worried about not being able to get out of my own head and enjoying the class like I had before. Spoiler alert: I enjoyed it even more and am working to make it part of my ongoing self-care to go to an in-person class. The bottom line is it's really scary to go back to something you haven't done in a while, especially after a life-changing act like having a kid. Maybe for you, it's going back to a group class, drawing, dancing, or trying another activity you haven't done in forever---if something doesn't come to your mind, take some time to reflect on what you haven't done and WHY you haven't done it and overcoming the stigma of being a beginner again.

I'd love each of you to find something that you miss and haven't done and DO IT! If you are stuck on how to make it a reality, reach out to me. I help moms in every stage of life troubleshoot their schedules together and come up with ideas on how to make it all work ranging from running, working out, leisure activities, and beyond. All aspects of mom life are important, you deserve to be put on the to-do list and not have to carry all the weight of figuring out how.

Learn more about 1:1 coaching and schedule your complimentary welcome call today!

We often fear going back to something that's "ended" so that we aren't a beginner again that we miss out on some of the best joys in life....let's embrace the whole journey.

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