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Creative and Affordable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Kids That Won't Break the Bank: Dollar Tree Edition

I LOVE The Dollar Tree---I was one of those people who was upset when they went for $1 to $1.25 but alas I still shop there on the regular while referring to it as the Dollar 25 store.

This guide is a bit different than the one from Walmart because Dollar Tree does not let you buy single items online (bummer I know). I still am going to be linking the items but if you aren't looking to buy in bulk you will have to head to your local store to get them. Don't have the exact item? Never fear! Use my items as inspiration to figure out what you can use from what you find! Let's dive into even more creative and affordable Valentine's Day gift ideas

I know paint makes our mom's brains explode a bit but these aren't as messy as they seem and you can very easily use markers instead of paints and have a ball of a time! The Valentine's Day ones are a great way to put a little bit of the holiday spirit into a gift or you can go for a fun plane, boat, etc!

I've made no secret that we love surprise toys, it's the gift that keeps on giving! I have shamelessly used these as a bribe while doing errands and can also make a great lunch box surprise for those" big feelings" types of days. If you get lucky some stores even have Doorables!

Not all of the items have to be indoor play items, cheap little glasses, foam footballs, and the little rackets give the kids the excuse to get out and entertain themselves without you having to use an ounce of creative energy (we all have those days!) The best part? They are cheap enough that you won't care when they get broken, lost, or bitten (it happens, don't pretend it doesn't)

Need a few more suggestions? Figurines, puzzles, and little mini tote bags are all kid approved and the totes even come in a 2-pack (yes, $1.25 for 2 bags!) Be mindful that the puzzles come in 24 pieces as well so be sure to double-check the box because I grabbed the wrong one and immediately regretted it when I tried to be the fun mom at puzzle time.

Be sure to check out the gift guide I put together from Walmart too and mix and match some of the finds from there---some prices even less than the Dollar Tree!

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