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Creative and Affordable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Kids That Won't Break the Bank: Walmart Edition

I don't buy into the commercialization of Valentine's Day but I do love love and have a young kid who I don't want to raise as cynical so here we are. *Slightly kidding*

Being able to add a little magic and love should be fun, not stressful. You also don't need to go overboard with gifts, themed items, or a bunch of junk that will be broken and thrown out in a week. Taking a little inventory of some of my favorite shops I put together class gift ideas and some exciting extras for our little loves! Let's get creative and put together some affordable Valentine's gifts for the kids!


Love it or hate it, Walmart has everything and it's not horrible quality for the price. Some things are even cheaper there than the dollar store!!!

PRO TIP: Always head to the clearance aisle first. It's constantly having stuff added and you can find things that may be full price online or at another store for way less. Also, download the Walmart app and there is a built-in scanner to check prices! (Note: the price check option doesn't work on the clearance)

  • Something to snuggle! I am a stuffy lover and always have one for the holidays. There are a bunch for $2.97 and I can confirm that they are the perfect size and fluffiness!

  • Figurines can be used in so many ways to create imagination play or become the way they start to personalize their room! From dinosaurs to Doorables you can't go wrong either way.

  • We've become HUGE Lego fans and it's now a staple in all gifts that are given. There are mini-figures, ninjas, Disney characters, and just about every type of set for age, hobby, and attention span.

  • If you have a kiddo who likes surprises then these are going to be a hit! I have gotten all three of these and we've enjoyed the interactiveness and the "double gift" type of appeal. Kinetic Sand is a bunch easier to clean up than Play-Doh, the gem block makes them feel like a paleontologist, and the Magic Mixies make us all feel like we are about to get our letter from Hogwarts any day now!

PRO TIP: I very rarely wrap or use traditional wrapping paper for gifts. Gift bags break and wrapping paper gets torn and thrown away too easily. Save resources and the earth with reusable bags or make a basket for a WOW presentation!

Maybe you mix and match some of these items with stuff you have on hand already or with things that you get from other stores---there are NO rules! Price comparing and mixing and matches is half of the fun. be sure to check out my top choices from The Dollar Tree as well as class room friendly finds!

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